Hidden Talents and Brain Maps
© 2001 Stephen Holland --- sholland@softwaves.net

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I am a retired science teacher,now living in Uclueclet, British Columbia, Canada. I did this research around 1986 using university and clinical neuropsychology texts to find why students had such different talents. I plan to write a book on the topic with much more useful information about clues to talents in youth.

SOURCES I used most include:

Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology, Bryan Kolb and Ian Q. Whishaw -- W. H. Freeman, 1980
(A superb analysis and summary of what is known. Excellent detail showing experimental evidence of the roles of different parts of the brain -- A newer and bigger edition is available.)

Neuropsychogical Assessment, Muriel Deutsch Lezak -- Oxford Univ Press, 1983
(Clinical tests and symptoms of brain injuries in different parts of the brain)

The CIBA Collection of Medical Ilustrations, Vol. I: Nervous System, Part I: Anatomy and Physiology Frank H. Netter -- CIBA Pharmaceutical Company, 1983.
(Detailed pictures showing the jobs of all parts of the brain and nervous system)


The Mystery of the Mind, Wilder Penfield -- Princeton University Press, 1975
(Excellent study of the thalamus and consciousness)

Physiology of Behavior, Neil R., Carlson -- 2nd Edition, Allyn and Bacon Inc.1981

Mantor & Gantz's Essentials of Clinical Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology, Sid Gilman & Sarah S., Winans -- F.A.Davis Company, Edition 6, 1983

Motor Development, Anna Espenschade & Helen Eckert -- Charles E. Merrill Publishing, 1980

Stephen Holland --- sholland@softwaves.net