Hidden Talents and Brain Maps
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The Patchwork Quilt Brain -- Index

The brain seems complicated, but really has a simple logic to most of it.
It is a patchwork quilt of specific parts, each with a job or "talent.
1 Outer parts of the brain
2 Input / Output -- Senses in the back, Action in the front
3 Inner parts of the brain
4 The Patchwork Quilt Brain -- talents in the cortex are in specialized patches
5 Left and Right Differences
6 "Left-brained" vs. "Right-brained" types of personalities
7 Balance of Talents -- Generalist, Expert, Genius, and Savant brains
8 Men and Women brain differences -- women's intuition, etc
9 Activities using the brain
10 Brain Maps
11 RIGHT brain
12 LEFT brain
13 Print both on one page

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