Hidden Talents and Brain Maps
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6. "Left" or "Right"-Brained Types

Most people will demonstrate Left and Right brain talents at different times, but some people tend to strongly use the talents on one side of the brain so much that it strongly affects their personality as seen by others.

Left side of brainPeople can be crudely labelled "Left-brain" if they normally use their left-brain talents much more than right-brain talents.

"Left-brained" people tend to...
  • Have strong language talents and talk a lot.
  • Analyze everything logically. When talking about something, they start at the beginning, and go logically to the next event, often giving explanations. "Next we did this, because..."
  • Like to keep events on time and on track, and like to be punctual
  • Often ask "why" after someone else has said something.
  • Often say "not necessarily" because their brains see a different logic
  • Like TV documentaries that explain things.
  • Like non-fiction books, text books, and instruction manuals.
  • Like daytimers, computer schedule programs, etc.
  • Have neater desks, with papers filed neatly

Right side of brain People can be crudely labelled "Right-brain" if they use their right-brain talents much more than left-brain talents.

"Right-brained" people tend to...
  • Talk randomly, rather than in a logical order.
  • Be very visual, often preferring pictures and diagrams instead of word explanations ("visual learners").
  • Draw pictures and doodle in their school notebooks and on scratch paper.
  • Get very impatient when a person is trying to explain something in logical order. They may want to jump to conclusions, or just get distracted by other things happening around them.
  • Not follow schedules well, be late for events, be impulsive, etc.
  • Have messy desks with unfiled papers -- a RAD (random access desk)

Are you strongly Left or Right in your style?

If you are "normal" than you probably tend to act like both of the above, at different times.

This is a sample conversation between two girls, out for a walk. One talks in a left-brained analytical style, while the other talks as if her right brain is very dominant. What does your speech sound like to other people, most of the time?

Two Flowers
A "Left-Brain" style A "Right-Brain" style
Rita, do you see those flowers
They're lovely ...the color!
I don't think we should pick one; this is a park.
Sarah, have you ever seen such color? It just glows
Yeah. I like the way the gardener arranged the little ones in front so they didn't block the view of the back ones.
The color just flows from one bed to the next like a rainbow on a mountain meadow. Can't you just see the goats?
Goats? No, goats would eat the flowers, and you can't have goats in a city, silly.
Just imagine the goats...nice goats...leaping around on the rocks.
I never did like goat's milk, but it's supposed to be nutritious.
Can you smell them?
Goats? They stink.
No, the flowers. I can smell all of them now like an ice cream cone with all the flavors mixed in.
You'll get fat eating all that ice cream. I wonder if it's going to rain. The forecast said 60% chance.
Where does the smell go when it rains?
Probably washes away. I'll ask my teacher. We should hurry, it's 6 minutes before class.

Stephen Holland --- sholland@softwaves.net