Hidden Talents and Brain Maps
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5. Left and Right Sides

The Right side is the animal brain, specializing in what is important to animal survival, such as:
  • Visual images -- basic observation
  • Face images -- recognizing a special individual
  • Spatial sense -- remembering where the nest is
  • Music -- remembering bird songs, mating calls, etc.
  • Learning actions -- how to hunt for food, or attract mates

The Left side is the human brain, with features almost unique to humans. Very little of this specialization has been identified in the non-human world, including apes. Examples include:
  • Sequential planning -- originally for tool use, now useful for important things needed for human survival, such as planning committee meetings, and writing scripts for TV soap operas.
  • Symbols -- originally useful for making hand signs to indicate a mammoth over the hill, now useful for important modern functions such as road signs and calculating income tax.
  • Language -- originally useful to communicate using grunts and belches to indicate a good meal of bear steak, now useful for important functions such as politicial speeches and Email.


The Corpus Callosum is a bundle of fibers that connects the left and right sides of the brain.
  1. When you meet a person, or learn vocabulary in a language, the sound of the name is remembered in the Left temporal lobe, and the Visual image of the object is remembered in the Right temporal lobe.
  2. When you hear the name of an object or person, your brain can can match the name with a image in your memory.

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