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1 - Explaining Color Deficiency
2 - Traditional Tests
3 - Holland's On-line Tests
4 - Percent Test
5 - Brown Test - Results
6 - Color Pencils- Results
7 - Art Test
8 - Thread Test for Children
8. Thread Test for Young Children

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This test involves a mother taking a child for a fun trip to a fabric store which has a rack with colored thread.


1. The child turns his/her back to the rack (variant of hide and seek).
2. The parent picks a spool of thread off the rack, letting the remaining spools fill the space..
3. The child looks at the spool that the parent is holding, then points to where it came from on the rack

Note: The farther the parent holds the spool away from the rack, so the child has to look back and forth, the more the parent is testing "color memory."

4. Start with BLACK to see how well the test is working, child motivation, etc.
5. Then use primary colors such as RED, BLUE, GREEN.
6. Try WHITE. White may be appear another color for color-deficient children.
7. Then do the tricky colors of YELLOWS and BROWNS, both light and dark shades
8. Try any other color range where the child may have difficulty in distinguishing slightly different hues.

Note: AVOID ANY CLUES, including pointing, encouraging hints, body language, "you're getting closer," reading the label, etc. or the test is not valid.

--- Remember that this is not a scientifically tested method, but is only my suggestion for how parents can test young children. Experiment.