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1 - Explaining Color Deficiency
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3. Holland's On-line Tests
This website presents a variety of tests which may help distinguish color deficiencies. They depend upon the computer and monitor to present the colors properly. The following is a test.

Computer and Monitor Color Test

These 20 patches should all appear as different colors to you, If several look the same...

may have color deficiency problems, or your computer monitor may have color deficiency problems --- especially high contrast which washes out colors -- common in LCD monitors.

Check with other people to see what they see, especially females because they usually see color correctly.
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Disclaimer: These pages are meant to help individuals, parents and teachers possibly identify potential problems. All these tests are experimental tests. The tests are not definitive, nor legally official. Unfortunately, common Ishihara dot tests are not very accurate either, nor do they explain much at all, and more accurate tests are hard to find. See professionals for more official tests. --- S. Holland