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1 - Explaining Color Deficiency
2 - Traditional Tests
3 - Holland's Online Tests
4 - Percent Test
5 - Brown Test - Results
6 - Color Pencils- Results
7 - Art Test
8 - Thread Test for Children
6. Color Pencil Test
Color pencils may be useful for children as a test for matching colors, similar to the Brown test. The challenge is that the child may just have fun with color and not try to duplicate the colors, but even then, a tendency might be noticed. The emphasis here is on the yellows and browns which can easily be made too greenish or reddish.

Instructions: Find a box of as many colors as possible (24 minimum and 36 better) of either pencils or crayons or any art medium that allows mixing, such as oil paints (Acrylics tend to dry fast). Print this form, and have the person mix colors to match the test colors. Give no clues!.