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"Dyslexia" means "can't read," and tells us nothing. It is mostly a convenient label for teachers and parents who now can say, "It's a brain thing, and it's not anybody's fault." This is mainly true, but just labelling a student (usually a boy) dyslexic doesn't pinpoint the problem or a solution.

If we don't know the cause of the problem, we tend to just easy-reading books and tend to repeat the same reading lessons which had failed earlier.

There are dozens of causes of dyslexia, including...
  1. The eyes may have visual problems which confuse the seeing of letters clearly.
  2. The eye muscles may make the eye jump around during reading, sending a non-grammatical confusion of words into the brain.
  3. The visual area I may not perceive lines clearly, mixing " l " with " / ", "H" with "A"
  4. The visual area II may see lines, but not notice the difference between " o l " and " d "
  5. The child may get confused between many ways of writing a single letter, such as "A, a, AA"
  6. The visual area III may not hold groups of letters together well, confusing "cat", "car" and "cart"
  7. The right brain may perceive letters, then pass them over to the left brain in mirror image, so a child writes backwards like Leonardo da Vinci.
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