Functional Brain Maps

Free for any use, including commercial
with credits to
Stephen Holland,

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Designed by science teacher for

Mapping damage for stroke and concussion victims
Quick checks by farmily and for first aid
Providing a baseline to compare later problems

Useful after age 6, little change likely after age 12.

Training may have little significant effect on brain talent start point,
but develops talent useage as best as it can be
Learning fast, and strong interests, are signs of natural talent

(note, this only covers the outer cortex, not the complex inner areas)

Shade with colored pencils

Red = A, obvious, source of success in hobbies, sports, interests, career
Orange = B, above average, learns fast, but not star level
Blank = C, Not sure, average
Green = D, weakness, slows progress, needs workaround, slow improvement
Blue = F, serious weakness, needs workaround, other sources of success